Lavu, Inc. (Lavu) is an iPad based point-of-sale app (MPOS) specifically designed for use in restaurants. Today the scale-up has grown to over one-hundred employees, spans two continents, and serves over 5,000 businesses in 86 countries.


During my stay at Lavu, I had the opportunity to procure video production from various filmmakers around the country.  With production help from Molecule (NYC), Lavu produced this piece showcasing business owners and the software features they use most. This is a version of the of the video used on the home page before coloring. To see the final version, visit Lavu’s website.

Adobe Premiere, After Effects



Lavu attracts two primary customers interested in two different feature sets, single location restaurants needing basic functionality and enterprise level clients with multiple locations.  Knowing this, I proposed a high level split on the website providing more relevant information to the two customer types more quickly. This is an early mock-up of the Lavu homepage containing video content. 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro


The National Restaurant Association in Chicago is the restaurant industry’s largest trade show with over 70,000 attendees. Lavu’s main goal at the NRA show was to showcase the the “ah-ha” moment of the product. Unfortunately, for an entirely iOS based app, this wasn’t easy to accomplish. Restauranteurs were invited to sit at the U-shaped bar and use the Point of Sale to order a beverage of their choice. A kitchen ticket would print at the back of the booth providing the “ah-ha” moment, showing Lavu in action. A server would the read, pour their beverage, then bring both to ordering restaurantuer. I oversaw design, creation, motion graphics and the logistics for the booth. Additionally,  I coordinated Lavu’s participation in the conference. 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch-Up, Motion, Final Cut Pro


This video demonstrates an early prototype of Lavu’s inventory features. I was tasked with creating an easy to use and manage system which required little time and effort to maintain. I developed a “closed” ticket system to allow inventory to be carried, depleted, and restocked quickly and easily. 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro


As part of our PR efforts, infographics were created from data mined from Lavu’s orders database. This established Lavu as an industry leader for data management in the Point of Sale software space. The infographics were picked up by a number of news outlets including ABC News and the USA Today.

Illustrator, Google Sheets, CSV Database Exports


Provided design support to all departments of the company including sales, support and business development. The collateral spanned a large range including handouts, flyers, digital banners, brochure, logos, icons, and posters. 

This is a sample of motivational material created for internal use. 

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign